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(August 2021)

The leadership of New Life Community Church continues to be grateful for the grace and understanding that has been shown to us and to each other as we have all attempted to navigate these unprecedented times together. Throughout all of this, we have attempted to remain sensitive to individuals’ attitudes, beliefs, and experiences as it pertains to COVID-19, masking, social distancing, and vaccinations while acknowledging that there is not uniform agreement on many of these items.

While we continue to have much to be grateful for, the pandemic continues to bring new challenges. As many of you may already know, due to the increase in COVID-19 cases across the country, the CDC has recently updated their guidance, specifically as it pertains to masking. The CDC now recommends that even those who are fully vaccinated resume mask wearing indoors, in areas of substantial or high transmission.

At present, Johnson county DOES fall into a substantial/high transmission area.

In order to be consistent with CDC guidelines, the New Life Community Church leadership team/consistory is humbly requesting that people resume wearing masks when indoors. We hope and pray that transmission locally, nationally, and globally decreases soon. As always, please feel free to reach out to any member of leadership team/consistory if you would like further clarification of this or would like to discuss further.

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