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Two-Year Bible Reading Plan

The Bible is God’s Word for us revealing who God is and how we can know Him at a deeper level. God’s Word is vital as He draws, saves, and shapes us through Jesus Christ. Yet, biblical literacy is on the sharp decline among Christians. In an effort to help our church read and understand God’s Word, we are beginning a 2-year Bible reading plan for 2022 and 2023. As a church family, we will read the same passages together as we discuss them in our own families, in small groups, and as we gather. Let’s read the Bible together! 

Book Overviews

As we journey through the Bible together, we’ll be sending helpful videos from the Bible Project. Each video takes a look at one book of the Bible providing an overview and identifying repeating themes.

Study Resources

When you are reading the Bible and you encounter a passage that's difficult to understand, use the resources that are available to you. Ask a friend who reading along with you, ask a pastor, or use some of these helpful resources below:

Study Bible

How to Read the Bible for All It's Worth

Bible Commentaries

Study Bibles
Bible Commentaries
On Reading the Psalms - Retha Haas
Authorship of the Pentateuch
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