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Sunday School Director

Tammy Veenstra

I have been attending New Life church since the fall of 2006 when I moved to the area for my teaching position at Heritage Christian School in North Liberty. I have enjoyed working with kids as long as I can remember. I am so thankful for the many ways God has worked in my life. My parents are committed Christians who raised me and my brother to know, love, and serve Jesus. All of my life, I have been thankful for the ways God has been pursuing me through His Son, His Holy Spirit, His Word, and the communities of believers He has surrounded me with. I have had many teachers and mentors who have shared Jesus with me, and it is my life passion to do the same. In May of 2014, I finished a graduate program at Dordt College in Curriculum and Instruction and have a strong passion to find resources for people seeking to know God and His Word, so the position of Sunday School Director at New Life is truly my dream job.


It is my prayer that the Holy Spirit speaks to our church through our new Sunday School curriculum The Gospel Project. As we study chronologically through the Bible and see how each story points to Christ and our great need for redemption that is only found in Him, I pray that our church grows in our love of Him and desire to glorify Him in all that we do.


C.S. Lewis said, "Look for Christ, and you will find Him, and with Him everything else."


Nursery Coordinator

Paige Townley

I have been attending New Life since October 2017 and became a member in May 2018. Moving to Iowa in 2017, one of my first priorities was to find a church and a church family. New Life has been a great family for me. Although I am newer at New Life, I have been attending church since I was a baby. I grew up in the church back home in Pennsylvania where I came to know and love God, and learn about his infinite love for us. I accepted Jesus as my Savior in elementary school and could not be more grateful for for the life that He has given me. 


I work at the University of Iowa in the Office of Student Accountability. Although I now work with college students, my bachelors degree and background is in Elementary Education. I have always had a heart for children. I began running the Nursery program for my home church in 2002. From there, I began volunteering with AWANA, Children's Choir, and as a Youth Leader at the various churches I attended throughout high school and college. Working with Tammy, we are incorporating a curriculum into our nursery time this year. Children are continuously learning and growing through their every day activities. Through a short lesson and activity during each service, we will have the opportunity to teach our children about the love of God for them and teach each child to be dependent on Him. My desire is that each of our "littles" grows up knowing and loving Jesus as their personal savior. 


Children-in-Worship Program Coordinator

Stefanie Van Heukelom

I have been a member at New Life Community Church since 2009.  My husband Jon and I have three children, Sydney-9, Asher-4, and Chloe-1.  I grew up in the church and have been a Christian most of my life.


I received my degree in elementary education from Iowa State University in 2002.  I taught 6th grade at Prairie Middle School, and 1st and 2nd grade in West Allis, Wisconsin.  Most recently I served as children’s ministry co-director at New Life Community Church for five years.  I stepped down as co-director in 2017 when our third child was born. I am excited to step back into serving in children’s ministry.  


My team and I are excited to teach your children about the love of Jesus Christ, and provide a meaningful worship experience for them during the worship service.   I hope through this experience your children come to know and love Jesus as much as I do.

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